Thursday, February 10, 2011

This website is designed by a Turkish gay guy in order to give information about the gay atmosphere and the gay places in the city.

I tried to keep the design very simple when you click on the links you will see a list of the places, below the name of the city you can find the address and the map. You can click on the maps if you want to see it bigger and under the map you can find my comments about the places. After you visit any of those places it will be highly appreciated if you come back the website and put your comments below the pages this will be helpful both for improving the site and giving better information for the other visitors.

One of the biggest problem of the visitors is the transportation, they complain about the overcharges of the taxi drivers and they have trouble to find their accommodation places from the airport at the first day when they arrive to Istanbul. In order to solve this problem you can find the transportation maps and the tips on the page of transportation.

I am not a native English speaker and I created this website for helping the people it is very normal that you can find some mistakes please excuse me for them.

If you have any questions concerning the website, places, gaylife of the city or any question which you want to know you can mail me by the address .